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New Nike Air Jordans Big Three Orlando All-star Debut New Color Boots

Le 4 juillet 2014, 08:49 dans Humeurs 0

Air Jordan brand's most heavyweight spokesperson Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony three

superstars playing fly Wade 2 all star, CP V all star, Melo 8 all star three pairs of boots!

Three pairs of different styles of boots, representing the three players on the court playing style,

""Flash"" Wade to win quickly, this pair of fly Wade 2 all star is really tailored to their

characteristics, so that light. ""Step Behind ""is no longer the slightest restraint.

Maybe it should be changed before now nicknamed ""Captain"" and ""queen"" Chris Paul, this couple of CP V

all star as his playing style, simple and efficient. The League today the most comprehensive point

guards, need is such a pair of flexible boots.

Window forefoot Zoom air, after the palm visible Max air, Anthony's boots luxuriously extremely stable

solid Melo 8 all star offers a full range of protection for the league's top small forward, whether it is

a sharp cut inside or sudden pull-up jumper, a pair of boots can

Dick Small Test Chopper Sneakers Jordans 3 Johnny Burst Crack Domineering Exposed

Le 4 juillet 2014, 08:46 dans Humeurs 0

Nike introduced the Air Jordan 3 in 1988 in Jordan series has taken a landmark step, he became the first double with exposed air Jordan shoes, but he was the first dual-use of trapeze signs Jordan shoes, from the split with legs one-handed dunk villain became Jordan brand logo. From a single piece leather uppers sewn, after also added to keep pace with NIKE AIR logo. Also in the development process, two people have a kind of imitation leather material is very interested in the elephant, which is later fame of ""crack explosion."" 3 generations of Jordan is arguably the most popular of a Jordan shoes. Nike also took the first paragraph commercials, film director Spike Lee famous blacks, from Nike's advertising myth were born. Jordan wore these shoes won the first MVP award of his career. Air Jordan 3 engraved version, then Michael Jordan fans snapped up immediately, Nike has once again launched a black and white too, caused a sensation in the market again, many active players have put Jordan on behalf of this play.

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Breakthrough Ideas Championship Crown Brand New Jordans 8 Color Art Created Sales Records

Le 4 juillet 2014, 08:44 dans Humeurs 0

Nike in February 1993 launches of Ai Jordan 8 were always reflected the focus on technology design ideas. 8 generations outer forms have made a major breakthrough, the most prominent is the face of the cross gluing shoe designed to enhance the stability of the shoe. Running shoe midsole absorbs design ideas, significantly cut the rubber material, reducing the weight of the shoe, the tongue with a towel material plus trapeze signs. Abstract pattern side and heel mid sole for added color art Joe 8. Jordan won three consecutive years in the future, suddenly announced his retirement, many fans thought that Jordan would never return to the game, so finds Jordan 8 was the last of a generation of the Jordan arena wearing, so the 8th generation but also created a Nike's 93-year sales record. 8 because Joe Jordan retired the first time before the introduction of special significance in the Jordan series.
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